To find the location of your volcano
and its relationship to plate boundaries and hot spots:

  1. Find your volcano's references on the references page
  2. To the right of the the volcano's name, click on the latitude and longitude value.
  3. The "Xerox PARC Server" will produce a map centered on your volcano.
  4. Using this map (on-screen) as a guide, plot your volcano as an "X" on your world map (paper copy).
  5. Using the National Geographic Society's "Physical Earth" map (or other map showing plate boundaries and their types), note the location of your volcano.
  6. Determine which of the following map symbols is at or near your volcano on the "Physical Earth" map.
Hot Spot

Divergent Plate Boundary

Convergent Plate Boundary

To find the names of the plates involved:
Read the names from the "Earth's Crust" map, which is an inset at the lower left of the Physical Earth map.