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School Garden Professonial Learning Series 

These Saturday morning sessions (9:00 - 11:00 AM) will be hands-on opportunities to learn seasonal garden tasks that are immediately applicable in your school garden and rich with lesson ideas for all grade levels. Each session includes useful resources to take back to your school.  

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Fernbank Science Center

9/8: Kickin' it with Kale!

Get on board with Georgia Organic’s annual October Farm to School Month campaign. Come to this class to get kale starts, seeds, temporary tattoos for your students, and plenty of lesson plans. Plant kale now to harvest for October activities. Learn what else to plant now for a fall harvest and other important information for keeping your garden in good shape.

Lesson activities will include a kale taste test and other standards-aligned highlights from Georgia Organic’s campaign.

ENGAGE: #20344 Kickin’ it with Kale!

10/13: Pollinator Power

Pollinators are the charismatic visitors that make our gardens go 'round. Bees, butterflies, birds, and more capture student interest and make it possible for plants in the school garden to produce seeds and fruits. Learn the biology and ecology of pollination, how to use the school garden for learning activities and science experiments about pollination, and some ideal pollinator plants for school gardens.

Lesson activities include plant and insect life cycles, flower anatomy, ecology, and conservation.  

ENGAGE: #20345

11/10: Compost: The Power to Transform
We all know we should be composting. The trick is how, especially in a school garden setting. This class will focus on composting with worms and the many classroom extensions involved. We will also cover the basics of other types of composting possible on school sites. We will examine the soil food web under the microscope and make compost tea.

Lesson activities will include rocks and soils, decomposition, classification, microorganisms, life cycles, and characteristics of plants.

ENGAGE: #20346 Compost: The Power to Transform
12/8: Adaptive Gardening: School Gardens and Exceptional Learners

School gardens provide a number of ways to engage Exceptional Learners. This session will focus on both ideas for adapting garden-based learning activities to different populations as well as creating indoor and outdoor garden spaces to meet the needs of Exceptional Learners. Guest speakers will share their experience with this topic and help answer questions specific to your site.

Lesson activities will include adaptive gardening techniques and best practices for gardening with Exceptional Learners

ENGAGE: #20347 Adaptive Gardening: Schools Garden and Exceptional Learners

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